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SumTan's Pacific Northwest Trek

Steve and Amy join friends as they travel out to Washington and Oregon for a wedding and other adventures. From Mount St. Helens to the Space Needle, what results can only be called SumTan's Pacific Northwest Trek, sponsored by Weyerhaeuser!

Seattle's Space Needle

  Part 1: 1992 all over again
Steve and Amy fly out to the Pacific Northwest for a friend's wedding. In the meantime, old memories flashback for Steve while new memories are sponsored by Weyerhaeuser!
  Part 2: ORD to SEA
Believe it or not, Alaska Airlines flies direct from Chicago to Seattle. And nothing beats flying in a hot plane with screaming kids that left late from O'Hare!
  Part 3: Doctor Who and the iPod
Killing time on a flight by watching a soon-to-be BBC classic and reading really, really small type on our iPod. Try not to crash into Mount Rainer!
  Part 4: Pretty views and Burgerville!
Waking up to a wonderful overlook encourages Steve & Amy as they head out with Darren & Christy to enjoy the day. Rumor has it that ARCO has "the worst gas in the world."
  Part 5: A historical look at Mount St. Helens
On May 18, 1980, at 8:32 a.m., Mount St. Helens erupted violently... and the rest is history. What's happened with this active volcano since erupting 25 years ago?
  Part 6: Please don't drive off the cliff!
Everyone explores Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument by experiencing various Visitor's Centers, overlooks, and pretty freaky winding roads. Yikes!
  Part 7: The Bon Marché + Azteca
After viewing Mount St. Helens, it's time to find a bite to eat. However, this proves to be challenging. Eventually, all roads lead to Portland, OR.
  Part 8: Is Tillamook Cheese really that special?
Darren & Christy note that Tillamook Cheese is the best cheese in the whole darn United States. C'mon, can it really be better than America's Dairyland?
  Part 9: Cape Meares Lighthouse
It wouldn't be a Steve & Amy trip without a visit to a lighthouse. This one just happens to be the shortest beacon in the whole state of Oregon - 38 feet tall!
  Part 10: Um, are the keys supposed to be in the trunk?
Don't eat at Moe's. Do enjoy Rockaway Beach. Don't miss Garibaldi's big "G". Do touch the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Don't accidentally lock yourself out!
  Part 11: Tillamook Rock Lighthouse
It's an old lighthouse built on a rock you can't get to, but that doesn't stop Steve & Amy from capturing a view. The visit results in hair full of rocks.
  Part 12: 170 flavors = 155 flavors?
What's the deal with The Seaside Candyman? They lied about how many flavors they had, even though they are the "best and biggest salt water taffy shop west of the Rockies."
  Part 13: North Head Lighthouse
What do you get when you combine a Pacific Northwest coastal lighthouse, high bluffs, crazy winds, and the beautiful sunset? Best lighthouse view ever!
  Part 14: Foggy Disappointment
A lighthouse is missed due to darkness. Stupid back roads through Washington prolong the tension and stress of a long day. And Poppycock doesn't have enough nuts!
  Part 15: Heading to Seattle
Just so you know, the Rapture didn't occur on October 28, 1992. Also, the Kingdome is no more. And don't even get Steve started about Westfield Shoppingtowns.
  Part 16: Space Needle vs. Sears Tower
When you think about Seattle, you often visualize the iconic Space Needle. But is it all it's cracked up to be? Time to explore and eat at the top!
  Part 17: West Point Lighthouse
Seattle boasts two lighthouses; this is one of them. It used a Fourth Order Fresnel lens back in the day. What the heck is a Fresnel lens? Ha, glad you asked.
  Part 18: Pre-Wedding BBQ
Hey Seattle, here's an idea... work on your transportation systems! They stink. Steve & Amy trek on down to Puyallup (how to do say that?) to hook up with Anna & Matt.
  Part 19: Alki Point Lighthouse
This is Seattle's other lighthouse. Unfortunately, the Coast Guard doesn't really want you to see it. So Steve & Amy go on a covert mission to check it out.
  Part 20: Throw fish at Pike Place Market
Besides the Space Needle, most tourists flock to Pike Place Market to experience the famous flying fish. They've got other food there too, ya know. Really!
  Part 21: Keep Clam
Arrr! Ivar says ye best be eating his clams all the time. Or just order a burger like Steve did. Plus, Seattle wants to kill their waterfront trolley.
  Part 22: Anna & Matt's Wedding
So we were a few minutes late; we still saw the whole thing! Cool building, touching ceremony, and beautiful weather. Can't beat that to tie the knot.
  Part 23: SEA to ORD
Time to fly back to Chicago. Give Steve & Amy 10 minutes with the CEO of Alaska Airlines. It's time the airline seriously think about their stupid boarding policies!
  Part 24: O'Hare Sucks
Yes, Steve & Amy live in Chicago. Yes, they love Chicago. But c'mon, O'Hare International Airport is really, really bad. How can you not have a gate when you land?
  Part 25: The Outtakes
Just when you think the story ends, the bonus features kick in with unpublished photos and background stories from SumTan's Pacific Northwest Trek, sponsored by Weyerhaeuser.