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You'll never dry your hands normally again. Seriously! Because of a simple photo and link from their website, Steve and Amy discover the intriguing world of ImpressionAire warm air hand dryers complete with digital advertising. Some may say this is an unhealthy obsession...!


Discovering ImpressionAire
Steve and Amy discover a unique way to dry your hands during an Arena Football game at the Allstate Arena (Rosemont, IL). Typically, it's not wise to take photos in the bathroom!

Viewing the Ad Rotation
During a disappointing Chicago Rush loss, Steve gets bored and further investigates the types of advertising featured on the ImpressionAire hand dryers. Go Chicago Wolves!

Visiting The Palace of Auburn Hills
No, they don't have ImpressionAire. The fools! How can Georgia Pacific's enMotion Automated Towel Dispensing System compete with warm air and good old American commercialism?

Steve and Amy meet Kristine
Because the Internet brings the world so much closer, fate smiles on Steve and Amy as they share an Arena Football game with Kristine from ImpressionAire. The Rush won, so all is good!

Sharing the "Impression" with others
Bringing friends to the Allstate Arena is a great way to expose them to the sport of Arena Football. Inviting them into the bathroom may be a bit awkward, if it wasn't to show off the ImpressionAire!

Free Pizza
Steve says, "I love ImpressionAire digital washroom advertising systems!" Well, maybe he just says that because it's become a crazy tradition to snap bathroom photos at Rush games.

O'Hare does ImpressionAire (hey, that rhymes!)
A pilot installation (no pun intended) at O'Hare International Airport proves beneficial to the ImpressionAire experience... and here are some special photos to see for yourself!

Hand dryer update during the AFL 2006 season
There were 3 hand dryers mounted at normal level and 1 extra one mounted lower for kids. I noticed that the Bud Light ad only appeared on the kids dryer. What the heck?

Next Gen ImpressionAire dryers at Shedd Aquarium
The new units feature a wireless antenna, 12-inch screens, and very high resolution displays. In contrast, the old school units had to be connected via a dial-up modem.