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Steve is a Chicago-native who is often described as creative, perfectionistic, and many times... just a tad bit witty. After attending grade and high school in "The Windy City," Steve headed off to Taylor University (Upland, Ind.), receiving a B.S. in Mass Communications & Systems Analysis. Since graduation, he has spent time working in marketing and management, along with opportunities in freelance Web writing and content development.

When not being "productive" you'll usually find him shooting photos, building with LEGO bricks, listening to Christmas music, or gearing up for the next Star Wars film. At the time of the wedding, Steve was employed as an Internet Community Manager at Participate Systems, Inc.
Amy, or "Amy Sly," as some of her friends call her, was born in a northern suburb of Chicago, but has lived in Florida and Maryland as well. After attending middle and high schools in Wheaton, Ill., Amy went on to take general education courses at the College of DuPage. Amy then transferred to Taylor University (Upland, Ind.), where she studied the field of social work. Amy graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Social Work (BSW) from Taylor in 1998. Upon graduation, Amy worked as a foster care caseworker in Chicago for three years.

In May of 2002, Amy, received a Master's degree in Social Work (MSW) from the Jane Addams College of Social Work at the University of Illinois at Chicago. At the time of the wedding, Amy was employed as a Case Manager for Specialized Foster Children at Lydia Home Association (Chicago, Ill.), working with children who have severe emotional, behavioral, and/or developmental delays. When not focusing on the social problems of children and families, Amy enjoys reading, spending time with friends, stenciling, and hiking.


Steve and Amy first met at Phantom Ranch Bible Camp (Mukwonago, Wis.) in the late-80's, both working as Summer Camp staff. Amy was led to the camp by her love for horses, and later worked there in the summers, usually in the kitchen or as a counselor. Steve, being related to management at the camp, spent many of his summers there as well, and worked in the kitchen, Canteen, or with the campers as a counselor and song leader. After getting to know each other well via a camp-sponsored Door County bike trip in the summer of 1993, their romance blossomed the following year (Steve always thought Amy was cute all that time!). With Steve living in Chicago and Amy living in Wheaton, the two racked up the tolls traveling the 45 minutes back and forth over the next few years.

Eventually, the couple shared a school year together at Taylor University ('96-'97), where their relationship became more serious. Post-education, both ended up in Chicago, where Amy started her social work career and Steve did everything from selling collector's plates to being the official voice of Randhurst Shopping Center. Being local helped their relationship grow through trials and real-life experiences, eventually showing that they really needed each other. And their love brought them to that date for a wedding no one could forget... 02/02/02!
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