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During the long period of their courtship, Steve had written Amy a large number of poems and open prose. Shortly after they got engaged, he began thinking about how he could use that talent uniquely during the wedding. He also wanted it to be a surprise for Amy.

Steve had always wanted to write a song for Amy, but had never written lyrics before, and on top of that, did not have the vocal abilities to perform it in a public setting.

He then turned to his fellow floormate from Taylor University, Ken Klabunde. During their college years, Steve and Ken served together on the campus Worship Team, where Ken's leadership and talent were extremely evident.

Steve asked Ken if he would be interested in composing music and performing a poem that he had written Amy. Ken enthusiastically signed on, and the two began a process involving many e-mails, revisions, and lessons on how to make music work.

The end result was a song entitled "Just Little Things" which Ken performed live at our wedding. The title of the song ties into the very first poem Steve wrote Amy called "Little Things". Similar themes and structure were part of the song, creating sort of a "bookend" on Steve and Amy's relationship.

Ken arrived the day of the wedding without having attending the rehersal the previous night. No one knew the song was coming (except Rob Olson, our Officiant; Cari Klein, one of Amy's Maids of Honor, who Steve needed to distract Amy while Ken was doing a sound check right before the wedding; and Karen Tanner, Steve's sister, who was in on the caper from the start).

Shortly after Steve spoke his vows to Amy, he turned to the audience and said:

"Now this is the part of the program Amy didn't know about. [turns to audience] You thought the 02/02 thing was clever enough. I've written Amy a lot of poetry and prose over the years and I wrote her something for today, and my good friend Ken Klabunde has composed music for it and he's going to sing it from the piano."

Of course, Amy's eyes filled with tears as the song was performed by Ken. It was an exciting moment for Steve as well, because he frankly didn't know if he was going to be able to pull off such a stunt. However, in the end it was a very joyous moment for the couple, and it gave those in the audience something to remember as well.


Camps, fountains, and phone calls
Hardship in the mail
Long walks with hearts unveiled
At the start, it's just little things

Matchless I journeyed long
Now quietly I smile
Embracing your hand, mile after mile
It's the little things in life that matter most

Plates, cases, and car tolls
Unseen paths and questions
Have faith, once was said
Learning still, it's just little things

Matchless I journeyed long
Now quietly I smile
Embracing your hand, mile after mile
It's the little things in life that matter most

And the little things in life point me to you
And the little things you know have made us strong
And the little things in life draw my love to you
orever and beyond...

Matchless I journeyed long
Now quietly I smile
mbracing your hand, mile after mile
It's the little things in life
It's the little things in life
Oh, it's the little things in life that matter most

"Just Little Things," words by Steve Tanner; music by Kenneth Klabunde.
© 2002 Steve Tanner and Kenneth Klabunde.
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used by Permission.



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