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Melissa Schoonover, Maid of Honor
Orchestra teacher, Joliet School District (Joliet, Ill)
Melissa was Amy's very first friend when she moved to Wheaton in 1988. Melissa lived a block away from Amy and they started walking to and from school together every single day. When Amy got her first car, an early 80's Concord AMC, Melissa had the privilege of commuting to school in it with Amy. Melissa and Amy went through middle school and high school together. After going their separate ways for college, Melissa and Amy moved in to an apartment together in 1999, along with another friend, Nicole Sadowsky. Melissa currently lives in Warrenville, Ill.
Cari Klein , Maid of Honor
Residence Life Coordinator and Coordinator of Intercultural and Diversity Initiatives, Elmhurst College (Elmhurst, Ill.)

Amy met Cari through Melissa. The three became instant friends. Cari and Amy have many great memories in high school of being on the yearbook committee together, going on two double dates to Turnabout and Prom, and hanging out at football games. Whenever possible, Cari, Melissa, and Amy would get together for fun times of girl talk, movies, and makeovers. When Cari was living in Massachusetts last year, Amy and Cari would spend many a night on long distance phone calls to each other. Cari currently lives in Elmhurst, Ill.

Sarah Crosley, Bridesmaid
Ministry Assistant and 20's group Coordinator, Glen Ellyn Covenant Church (Glen Ellyn, Ill.)
Sarah and Amy met in high school through the youth group at College Church of Wheaton. After graduation from high school, Sarah and Amy found themselves attending their local community college together. After Amy found a job at the College of DuPage Financial Aid Office, she made sure that her friend, Sarah could work there too. Sarah and Amy grew very close during those two years when they were attending the same school, working in the same office, getting involved with InterVarsity, and attending the college group at church. Sarah and Amy also met on a regular basis for prayer and accountability. When Amy went to Taylor and Sarah went to Wheaton College, they kept in touch and have remained very good friends. Sarah and her husband Joshua live in Wheaton, Ill.
Kailey Bell, Bridesmaid
Piano teacher, Speech coach at Wheaton College (Wheaton, Ill.)
Amy and Kailey met in their high school German class. It wasn't until they were forced to work together on the language department's bulletin board that they truly became friends. Kailey and Amy soon realized how much they had in common, including their love for the Lord. Kailey and Amy became better friends during the time that Amy was attending community college and Kailey was attending Wheaton College. Kailey has always been a great support to Amy over the years. Kailey and her husband Brendan live in Wheaton, Ill.
Jessica Filkins, Bridesmaid
Student, University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, Co.)
Amy and Jessica first met through long distance letters to one another. Jessica's parents were missionaries in Barcelona, Spain at the time. Her family was planning to come back to Wheaton for a year to raise support. Amy's youth pastor at Wheaton Evangelical Free Church suggested that Amy write to Jessica since they were the same age and would be attending the same high school the next year. When Jessica came to the States, Amy and Jessica became instant friends. They had so much in common, it seemed as if they had known each other for years. Amy and Jessica experienced the first year of high school together with all of its ups and downs and crushes and heartbreaks. Since that year, Jessica and Amy have never lived near each other. They have sustained their friendship via letters, taped conversations, phone calls, e-mails, and brief visits. Jessica currently lives in Greeley, Co.
Karen Tanner, Bridesmaid
Graduate Student, Ball State University (Muncie, Ind.)
Karen is Steve's younger sister. Amy and Karen met in 1990 when Amy was working at Phantom Ranch Bible Camp. Karen was 12 years old at the time and Amy considered her to be a very annoying junior higher! However, over the years, Karen and Amy got to know each other much better and have become friends. Amy is very glad to be inheriting Karen as a sister. Karen currently lives in Muncie, Ind.
Alexandra Rodda, Honorary Bridesmaid
Secretary at Veterinary Clinic
Alex WOULD have been a bridesmaid if she were not pregnant and expected to have her baby by the time of the wedding!! Alex and Amy met in middle school all because of a boy. Amy's locker was right next to a boy that Alex was interested in at the time. Alex approached Amy in order to elicit her help in finding out more about the boy. Not much became of Alex and this boy, but Amy and Alex became friends because of it. Soon, Alex began joining Melissa and Amy on their walks to and from school, as Alex also lived nearby. Alex and Amy developed this note writing system in high school, in which they would pass a notebook back and forth to each other in the halls. Now, they enjoy reading through the old notebook and reminiscing about old times. Alex and her husband Greg live in Palatine, Ill.
Melissa Phillips, Personal Attendant
Social Worker at Lutheran Social Services (Milwaukee, Wis.)
Melissa and Amy met while working as foster care caseworkers at Evangelical Child and Family Agency. The two did not know each other very well before deciding to move into an apartment together in Chicago in May of 2000. Both Melissa and Amy were desperately in need of a roommate at the time. Since living together, Amy and Melissa soon realized that they had much in common including their love for Rich Mullins' music and the field of social work. Even though they only lived together for a little over a year, they have formed a friendship that will last for years to come. Melissa currently resides in Milwaukee, Wis.
Abigail Huston, Flower Girl
Steve's cousin and energetic young girl (Gurnee, Ill.)
Often when Abby sees Steve at family gatherings or at camp, she runs away like shy kids often do (somehow Amy ends up hanging out with Abby instead). But less than 10 minutes later, she's back, usually wanting to play tag, scare each other, or just ask "why?". Abby loves to have fun, and Steve and Amy are willing to meet the challenge (but it's tiring sometimes!). Her brother Daniel was the Ringbearer in our wedding. Abby lives with her mom, dad, brother and sister in Gurnee, Ill.
Chris Arndt, Best Man
Graphic Design Consultant, Andersen (St. Charles, Ill.)
As childhood friends, Steve and Chris created the fun phrase "Ounga Bounga" which they later used for their entrepreneurial ventures in video and children's music. The ability for Chris and Steve to predict the other's thoughts and actions has made them a very effective team over the years (though given their differences, no one can really understand how that is possible). They've concepted so many crazy schemes together; it's a wonder their female-counterparts can stand them! Chris' level-headedness has been great as Steve hit life's roadblocks, and he's thankful for his friendship. Chris lives with his wife Sherri and their two boys in Wheaton, Ill.
John Craelius, Groomsman
Management, Craelius Poultry (Chicago, Ill.)
Director of Worship, Midwest Bible Church (Chicago, Ill.)
An avid movie buff, Steve found himself watching "Back to the Future" with John more times than he could count in grade school. Why? He really doesn't know! Their interests have long been opposites, yet for some reason, they compliment each other in a way that is hard to describe. John has great gifts in music, planning, and serving others, but mainly Steve appreciates his ability to pull him out of his comfort zone and just have fun. One minute they'll be stuck in an elevator together, the next brings talk about latest advancements in the poultry industry, finally you might be debating some great Biblical issue… you never know what lies ahead with John, and his presence in Steve's life has been refreshing.
Tim Walston, Groomsman
Graduate Student, Laboratory of Genetics, University of Wisconsin (Madison, Wis.)
Due to circumstances beyond his control, Steve was assigned an international student as a roommate for his second year at Taylor. Oddly enough, that fell through and Tim showed up instead… thus starting three years of their rooming together. When Tim wasn't bashing Steve's interests in media and Steve wasn't picking on how weird pre-med students were, they actually had a pretty cool time together. Tim helped balance Steve's views on many subjects, including understanding the opposite sex and navigating the Church's classic "hymns vs. choruses" debate. Tim has always been willing to lend a listening ear and Steve is extremely thankful for that. Tim and his wife Jen live in Madison, Wis.
Eric Childs, Groomsman
Science Facilitator - TechnoPlaza, Anderson Community Schools (Anderson, Ind.)
Two years Steve's minor, he remembers befriending Eric on his floor at Taylor as part of his informal "upperclassmen should get to know the lowerclassmen who have really cool computers" program. Seriously, Steve worked with Eric in the Dining Commons often and found that he spent a lot of time with Steve's roommate Tim (since they were both "science" guys), so Steve was able to get to know him quite well. For some reason, they just clicked in a lot of areas. Steve has long appreciated Eric's sense of humor and spiritual insights, both during their time in college and beyond. Eric and his wife Kelli live in Anderson, Ind.
Matt Kiser, Groomsman
Group Sales Coordinator, Indiana Beach Amusement Park (Monticello, Ind.)
Matt and Steve roomed together at Taylor for a short time and lived on the same floor for many years. Steve often remembers spending hours (when not studying, of course… which is something Matt never had to do for some reason) just talking about relationships, chomping on some Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, and building with the occasional LEGO set to keep the stress levels down. Even post-college, Matt's ability to help Steve see levelheaded regarding his future and keep things in perspective has always been appreciated (along with the fact that Matt keeps trying to get Steve to work at Indiana Beach… "proving once again there is more than corn in Indiana!"). Matt lives in Monticello, Ind.
Greg Sylvester, Groomsman
Independent Art Director and Designer (Los Angeles, Ca.)
Greg is Amy's older brother, and is currently working on the West Coast doing various media-related products. Most notably, Greg designed the Grammy-nominated album packages for the Smashing Pumpkins MACHINA/The Machines of God and Madonna's Ray of Light. Previously, he ran Kerosene Halo, an independent design company based out of Chicago. Greg's creative talents are boundless, and Steve has enjoyed seeing his projects unfold when given the chance. Greg also shows a great deal of affection for his younger sister (so Steve knows he better treat her right!). Steve says, "It is an honor to soon call him my brother-in-law." Greg resides in West Hollywood, Ca.
Rob Olson, Officiant
Church Planting Preparations, Muncie Alliance Church (Muncie, Ind.)
Known for his infectious laugh, Steve and Amy got to know Rob during their time at Taylor. From being Steve's co-host on his campus radio show, to interacting with Amy on Brother/Sister floor events, Rob has consistently been a person who has challenged Steve and Amy's spiritual and social preconceptions. After recently serving as youth pastor at an Indiana church, Rob and his wife Katie await the Lord's leading regarding various church plant opportunities in the Midwest. The couple currently resides in Muncie, Ind.
Daniel Huston, Ringbearer
Steve's cousin and all-around adorable kid (Gurnee, Ill.)
He's short, has blond hair, and just loves to wrestle with you. Sounds like a great canidate for Steve and Amy's ringbearer (OK, so he paid them off for the honor...). Daniel is a fun guy who Steve and Amy got to know pretty well during summers at Phantom Ranch and other family gatherings. His sister Abby also participated in the wedding as the Flower Girl. Daniel lives with his mom, dad, and two sisters in Gurnee, Ill.
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