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As you can see from the many sections of this website, we used the Internet extensively when planning and even executing our wedding. From online RSVPs, e-commerce shopping registries, interactive guestbooks, and even a live streaming broadcast of the ceremony, this Web presence was vital to our special day.

After the wedding, we expanded and added many sections, complete with various downloads and media, to take into account life after the big event. This created a true Internet "snapshot" of our wedding experience for years to come.

However, we have also had many requests to borrow elements from our original pre-wedding website from others who are getting married or have special events approaching. As a service to those who are preparing for their "big day," or for those who just like to view history and see how "things used to be," we have included an exact archive of how our wedding website looked right before our special day.

This archive is a replica of the original site, and will show all the features and technology we used to prepare for the event. What it does NOT contain, however, are some transactional elements. For example, you will be able to view our guestbook, see all online registries from various vendors, and even fill out our RSVP form. However, you will not actually be able to sign the guestbook, order products from the registry (as much as we like getting gifts!), navigate within external sites, or send an RSVP for our wedding (because, well, our wedding is over!). Private identifiers such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses have also been modified. Even with these elements disabled, you will be able to interact with the framework that helped make this wedding possible.

Enjoy your trip through history! If you have any questions regarding how we accomplished something online, please don't hesitate to contact us using the form on this site.

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