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Cake has always been an important part of Steve's views on weddings. Maybe it was because he grew up with an aunt who made cakes professionally that made him set the standard so high. Our wedding cake was no exception.

Our cake was designed and made by a person who was a professional pastry chef for many years. He was able to integrate a fun illuminated water fountain into the cake, which added a nice focal point of activity.

Our cake topper was also very unique. As was mentioned during our wedding, LEGO bricks are not only fun to build with, but also symbolize a future that you shape with what elements you are given.

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Building on that theme (no pun intended), Steve worked with some people he came in contact with via and the LEGO Company. A master builder at LEGO provided Steve with a photo of a sculpture they provide their employees when they get married. Steve then contacted a professional LEGO builder, Eric Harshbarger, and contracted him to build the structure from the photo. Steve didn't have the availability or parts needed to build it in time for the wedding himself.

The end result was a unique cake topper that symbolized not only a passion for "the brick" but also a future full of possiblities.

The Cake
Full view with fountain

LEGO Cake Topper
Yes, it's made out of bricks!
The Cake - Full view with fountain
LEGO Cake Topper - Yes, it's made out of bricks!
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