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Like many other aspects of our wedding, we wanted our ceremony program to be unique. So Steve again relied on the talents of his Best Man, Chris Arndt, to help come up with a design that would break from the norm.

Our program was printed on beige-colored card stock. It consisted of two pages each 4.25 x 11 inches in size, with information on both sides. The pages were held together by red toile that was weaved through two punched holes at the top of the program.

When you opened the program, no flipping of pages was needed to read all the information inside. Instead, all text was printed the same direction from top to bottom (much like reading a long scroll).

A copy of our program is available below in PDF format. Here is a breakdown of each page contained in that document:

Page 1
This is a 3D graphical example of how the program was assembled, including the use of toile that held the two pages together. This page was NOT part of the original program, but is provided for your convenience.

Page 2
Program Page 1 Side A - Cover of program featuring an illustration showing how the red toile was inserted.

Page 3
Program Page 1 Side B - Contained the lyrics to the special music selections used for our wedding. This page was actually printed upside-down compared to Side A, so that when the program was opened, all text would be going the same direction from the top of this page to the bottom of Program Page 2 Side A.

Page 4
Program Page 2 Side A - Here is where we placed the order of ceremony, complete with listings of songs and scripture readings.

Page 5
Program Page 2 Side B - You might call this the credits page, which bascially lists everyone who was involved with our wedding in some capacity.


You can download a copy of our ceremony program in PDF format right here on the website.

Note: Program will open in new window

Program (66k)

If you don't know what PDF format is, or are having problems, read the "What is PDF?" section below for help.


PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and was created by Adobe Systems. This format ensures that the downloaded copy of our progam will appear exactly the way we created it!

You will need a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print a PDF file. The Adobe Acrobat Reader software and Plug-in are available FREE online.

Click on the "Get Acrobat" logo to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader today.

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